Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Madness

Happy Monday!
I thought I would expand today and share with you some of my latest obsessions, fashion or not.

I'll start by saying I absolutely ADORE the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are fantastic! This cutie is a happy and affectionate dog, know as the "ultimate lap dog," but sporty and outgoing as well. They generally weigh about 10-18 pounds and have a silky coat that comes in ruby (shown above), prince charles (a tri-color), king charles (black and tan), or blanheim (red and white).
My advice: always consider adoption first! But if you're looking at breeders, make sure they are responsible, do your research! I'm expecting my own little cavie in a couple weeks...I'll be sure to update with that soon!

I'm also in love with the Volkswagon Beetle convertible. Preferrably salsa red!

This little bugs get about 24 mpg, and look how cute it is! Heated seats, convertible top... yes, please :)

Mint is free and manages your money. It's safe too, trust me! I would recommend it to anyone who is on a budget (i.e college students), it really helps to know where your money is going and how you can cut back.

I love this woman! Lady Gaga is one of the most original artists out there. I recently went to her 2011 Monster Ball Tour in March, and boy does she deliver! She's crazy, yes, but she's a performer and I think she's absolutely fabulous.

Screw IPhone and Droid, we are the original smartphone. The Blackberry manages my life without being too complicated with a touchscreen and an annoying sliding keyboard. Simple, sleek, and resourceful :)

Sperry Top-sider Women's Montauk Slip-on

I'll end on this note. Sperry Top-Sider. Dress up with a straight fit skirt and cardigan, or dress down with cropped skinny jeans and a button down. Preppy and so cute :)


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