Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hit & Miss Of The Week

Blake Lively

HIT: Blake Lively always looks trendy, but she really made a statement with this look. Her peek-a-boo bandeau bra and layered turquoise necklace create a beachy look, while her high-waisted, dress-pants and multi-tonal heels give off a 40's "menswear for women" vibe. This outfit works because Lively mixes flowy fabrics and pastel colors with pleats and layers that pull together a flirty, modern look.

Kate Hudson

MISS: Kate Hudson looks like a cross between the Hulk and Kermit the Frog. This dress is very unflattering on her shape, and the heels are too chunky and complicated for such a statement-making mini-dress. Hudson should have gone with a one-shouldered mini and peep-toe platforms to draw attention away from where she lacks.

Lauren Conrad

HIT: Lauren Conrad is the epitome of sophistication. She is known for her trendy fashion staples that define her personal style and never fails to impress. Conrad dresses up a simple white mini-dress with a Joie Arietta soft sequin blazer that turns a classic staple into a tastefully sexy look.

Whitney Port

MISS: A far cry from her co-star's sophisticated look, Whitney Port is not a hit with this messy, confused look. Although slouchy is in for the fall season, this looks more like Port tried, unsuccessfully, to dress up her lounge wear. I love the leather jacket and animal print flats, but they would have looked classier with dark skinny jeans and a slouchy white v-neck. Love you Whit, but this outfit is a miss.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hit or Miss

Gwyneth Paltrow

HIT: Let's be honest, Gwyneth Paltrow would look good in a brown paper bag, but she really hits every note in this timeless look, making a statement without dressing outrageously (Sorry, Gaga). Paltrow effortlessly pairs a chic white button-down with high-waisted shorts to put a twist on the classic black and white style. Pair this with some tights and a long jacket and you have a great day-look for fall.

Ashley Olsen

MISS: There is no doubt Ashley Olsen is a trend-setter, and with her fashion-line "The Row" on the rise, her style is scrutinized more than ever. However, Olsen is not in good shape with this ankle-length, loose-fitting trench coat and mixture of bohemian and layered looks. She needs to figure out what look she is going for, or take off that hideous coat!

Sarah Jessica Parker

HIT: Whether she's attending a screening or running errands, SJP always looks great, and the girl knows how to dress up her basics. The layered scarf and mini bag pull this look together for an effortless chic look.
To ramp up this look, wear with skinny jeans and peep-toe heels to add drama.


MISS: I have to give Rihanna props, she's rocking the red hair and has started a recently spreading trend of redheads everywhere. However, I see this outfit and wonder, what the hell was she thinking? Rihanna has a fearless sense of fashion, but this looks more or less like she shrunk her grandmother's sweatshirt, dug up an old pair of her mom's pajama shorts, and then wore them together. I am not loving this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Addressing the Hatless Era

Within the identical, cookie-cutter structure of buildings, rows, and blocks in downtown Traverse City hides the Diversions hat store. A store that, at first glance, appears to be just another store, owned and operated by a couple of old-timers. However, entering the confines of this hat store is more than just a brief taste of jazz-funk and a few minutes of trying on hats you would not dare to wear, it’s also succumbing, if only for a moment, to the physicality of a protest. Diversions is a place hoping to restore identity and individuality within society, to rid the world of the societal scaredy-cats we’ve become. Before the era of hatlessness, society was more willing to express themselves; for, no respectable man or woman would leave home without a hat to show the world who they are. Diversions is taking baby steps towards exposing the truth of what this hatless era means, and attempting to create a world of distinguishable people by selling a product that was once a wonderful way of self-expression.

Diversions is a humbly-sized store layered in hats of all categories from floor to ceiling, and, although hardly anyone dares to wear hats anymore, Diversions is brave enough to look past this revelation and say, “come on down and take one for a spin.” There is literally a hat for everyone, whether you're ballsy enough to wear it or not.

Everything about this store exhibits originality, with its obnoxious jazz on weekdays and smooth coffee house acoustic on weekends, the sections of western cowboy, newsboy tams, bold derby hats, roaring 20’s fascinators, cozy winter caps, and more. The store itself, along with every hat, is full of personality, but the people buying them are only those brave enough to be distinguished. Diversions is subtly, but effectively attempting to get a sense of identity and uniqueness back into society.

Join them at 104 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684 :)