Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hit or Miss

Gwyneth Paltrow

HIT: Let's be honest, Gwyneth Paltrow would look good in a brown paper bag, but she really hits every note in this timeless look, making a statement without dressing outrageously (Sorry, Gaga). Paltrow effortlessly pairs a chic white button-down with high-waisted shorts to put a twist on the classic black and white style. Pair this with some tights and a long jacket and you have a great day-look for fall.

Ashley Olsen

MISS: There is no doubt Ashley Olsen is a trend-setter, and with her fashion-line "The Row" on the rise, her style is scrutinized more than ever. However, Olsen is not in good shape with this ankle-length, loose-fitting trench coat and mixture of bohemian and layered looks. She needs to figure out what look she is going for, or take off that hideous coat!

Sarah Jessica Parker

HIT: Whether she's attending a screening or running errands, SJP always looks great, and the girl knows how to dress up her basics. The layered scarf and mini bag pull this look together for an effortless chic look.
To ramp up this look, wear with skinny jeans and peep-toe heels to add drama.


MISS: I have to give Rihanna props, she's rocking the red hair and has started a recently spreading trend of redheads everywhere. However, I see this outfit and wonder, what the hell was she thinking? Rihanna has a fearless sense of fashion, but this looks more or less like she shrunk her grandmother's sweatshirt, dug up an old pair of her mom's pajama shorts, and then wore them together. I am not loving this.

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